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Full Online Store

Autoinform Diagnostic Workshops: DVD 5


Benefit from Frank Massey’s invaluable expertise and in-depth knowledge anytime with your own high quality DVDs of his Diagnostic Workshop video features from Autoinform magazine. Watch and learn via your TV or computer — at home or in the workshop, at your own pace and in your own time. It is the next best thing to having Frank there in person! The DVDs contain exclusive videos of actual vehicle repairs, covering troubleshooting procedures and equipment — which builds into a valuable archive of technical information in the key areas of vehicle diagnostics.


Each DVD has over 90 minutes playing time containing four expert modules.


Diagnostic Workshops: DVD 5

Video 17: Interpreting data


Interpreting data and establishing a suitable test procedure is the topic of this exclusive video. Frank Massey, demonstrates his proven methods on a Rover 75 diesel with an intermittent fault.


Video 18: Going digital


Frank Massey explains in detail how to analyse air mass meter function using the Autologic diagnostic tool, a Picoscope and amp clamps.


Video 19: Clean up


In this exclusive video, Frank looks at premature contamination of intake systems, which is becoming a common problem on modern engines due to erratic drive cycles associated with urban motoring and extended service intervals.


Video 20: The new regeneration


In this exclusive video Frank’s son David looks at tackling DPF regeneration caused by poor driving and low fuel quality as well as long life servicing.

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