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Full Online Store

K5516 Kalimex K-Seal HD Permanent Coolant Leak Repair


K-Seal HD:


Fixes most leaks in all types of water cooled engine including cracked heads, head gasket failures, cracked blocks, radiators, heater cores and water pumps.

A repair made with K-Seal HD is permanent, guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine.

Unlike inferior coolant products, K-Seal HD mixes with all types of antifreeze and coolant. There’s no need to drain or flush the system before or after treatment.

K-Seal HD is easy to use. Shake the bottle; add it to the cooling system and go.


K-Seal HD can be used in the workshop, on the road or on site so your vehicle can be put back into service almost immediately, avoiding expensive downtime. Always have a bottle on standby for every vehicle!

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