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CAT002 Cataclean DPF (450ml)


Diesel vehicles like to be driven long distances and need their exhaust systems to reach a high temperature in order to initiate regeneration or cleaning of the DPF.

The catalytic converter and DPF can become clogged and the surface coated with carbon deposits leading to inefficient and poor conversion of the exhaust gases. In some extreme cases the exhaust gases are so restricted that they try to pass either side of the honeycomb monolithic brick causing it to break up into small pieces.

Cataclean Diesel cleans the upper cylinder, valve heads and stems, improving compression and reducing sticking. This gives better performance in catalytic and non-catalytic engines.


Reduces exhaust emissions by up to 60%.

Reduces diesel smoke emissions by up to 60%.

Restores fuel system performance to as good as new.

Increases engine performance and reduces fuel consumption.

Simple to use.

Finally it helps to dissolve carbon deposits in the DPF.

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