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Autonerdz Resources

At LMH Engineering Services, We are very privileged to be able to offer the 'World Famous Autonerdz Resources' with our custom Kits. We are the only UK Company able to offer this to UK Technicians therefore saving you £100's.

It is only available with Custom Kits and is an Unlimited Subscription Service.

So what do you get from Autonerdz

The Package as a Subscription costs $1300 per year, you get it for FREE as its already bundled in.

It is packed with loads of resources which are as follows:-

Toll Free US and Canada Phone Contact.

No Please hold the line or phone systems. Direct contact with the guys at Autonerdz. Messages are generally returned the same day.

For UK Customers due to time zones this could be quite difficult however you still have the option to contact Autonerdz should you need to however you can still contact us here at LMH Engineering Services and we will also assist you.

Group Therapy Sessions with the Pictologist.

These are monthly live screen sharing internet sessions to enable users to interact with each other, exchanging files as well helpful tips and techniques and case studies ALL Live.

I have attended many of these myself and they are great to get involved in, great to share stories of success and problems and just in general great to chat to fellow PicoScope users, many in the UK.

Email Contact.

This is often a great way to get assistance. I can’t see what your doing on the phone but sending me your data file allows me to see exactly what you are doing and helps me to give more exacting suggestions.

The PicoScope USB/CD.

This USB or CD contains hours of PicoScope training in Flash movie format and more. These will really help flatten that learning curve and turbo charge your PicoScope experience.

This also contains the latest recommended PicoScope software and other useful applications. These are supplied direct from LMH Engineering Services.

The Autonerdz Community Forums.

Special access to the Picogroup sections of the Autonerdz Community Forums.

This includes The Flash Tutorial Movie Library as well as many other boards with PicoScope specific information and discussion.

Personalized Assistance.

When needed, we can get into your PC with you and provide direct assistance. This requires the installation of free VNC software.

This is a great resource that Tom and the guys at Autonerdz have, its quick, simple and easy to correct failed installs or just simple set up procedures.

Live Hands On Classes.

Free live hands on PicoScope training events at our facility in Olympia, Washington. These events are scheduling several times a year and have been attended by Picogroup members from as far away as Australia.

Now as some of us wont be able to make it to the US for these, LMH Engineering Services will be holding similar classes in the UK in which all of our Customers and Autonerdz Customers can attend. More details will be given nearer the time.

The Drop Site.

he Autonerdz Drop Site is a very fast and easy way to share very large files with other Picogroup members.

The PicoScope data files can be much too large to share by other means and many other helpful files are available there as well.

As mentioned, on top of this huge range of resources, you will also get support from us here at LMH Engineering Services, Combined giving you the most powerful package available. Join the thousands of users worldwide in the Picogroup community and get the best resources available for the PicoScope diagnostic Experience.

UK Customers - Local Added Support

UK customers can also get local support, what does this mean? Well if your having problems and you don't want to keep talking over the phone about it or talking to different people, we will come to your workshop if appropriate, and help you in understanding the problem and how to over come it, it maybe diagnostic, software or just simply a refresher.

This is only available though for Customers who have purchased PicoScope kits or Accessories from LMH Engineering Services or Autonerdz, if however you have bought from other distributors or direct from Pico Technology we cannot offer this FREE service. We will however offer support but on an email basis.

COMING SOON: You will also receive a Custom Add-on for the PicoScope Automotive Software developed by LMH Engineering Services Ltd.

What if I already own a kit, I heard I can subscribe annually?

You can take out an Annual Subscription for the Autonerdz Resources and this costs £ 1,000.00 ex VAT from LMH Engineering Services and you will receive a certificate of subscription and will be added into the member database by Autonerdz.

If you would like to subscribe to the Autonerdz Resources please contact us so we can provide payment details.

PicoScope Example Waveforms, Videos & Software

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