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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's]

We have put together a list of common questions and answers for you to help support any questions you may have. If you require further information then please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Product Support Questions.

Does LMH Engineering Services offer support to their customers?


All Customers will receive support whether its just a set up problem, Software query or if your Hardware isnt working correctly. Lee is a former Automotive Technical Specialist from Pico Technology and can assist with any problem you may run into.

What are the benefits from buying from LMH Engineering Services instead of Autonerdz and will I still get all the same service from Autonerdz?

The main benefit to UK customers is that when purchasing through 'Autonerdz' in the US, their kit will need to be shipped to the UK which incurs Shipping Costs and Import Taxes. When you buy from LMH Engineering Services you wont be charged for Shipping and as we are a UK company you also have no import taxes to pay.

When purchasing the Automotive Specialist Kit you get unlimited access to the 'Autonerdz' resources and you will get the same level of service if you had bought a kit from them or bought the Support package as an extra.

I really want to have the availability of the Autonerdz resources. Can we get these from LMH Engineering Services?


The Automotive Specialist Kit has been developed for the UK market and has been bundled with all the accessories you require. It also has bundled into it the 'World Famous Resources' supplied by Autonerdz. This has been added at no extra cost.

I have heard that it costs approx $650 per year for the Autonerdz Support package. How long does the package from LMH Engineering Services Last?


The Resources package provided by Autonerdz supplied with the Automotive Specialist Kit is unlimited for life as long as the kit remains with the purchaser.

   The Service is NON Transferable.

I already own a PicoScope Kit, Can I buy the Autonerdz Support Package from LMH Engineering Services?


If you wish to subscribe to the Autonerdz support package then you must contact us directly or see our Autonerdz Page.

I'm not sure which kit is right for me?

No problem, come and talk to us, tell us your market i.e.

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Motorcycle
  • Plant & Agricutural
  • Marine, etc

We will ensure you get the best value for money and a kit or list that will benefit you and your business.

Alternatively take a look at our Kit Comparison Page 

Training, We have a PicoScope kit already, Can you provide us with Training so we can get the most out of our investement?


LMH Engineering Services provides training to all parts of the UK. For more information see our Training Page.

Purchasing Questions

How is P+P applied to my purchase?

When purchasing a product you need to select a P+P option at the bottom of the page. For more information see the 'Ordering and Product Information' help page. Alternatively we can send you an invoice for the products you wish to purchase.

I was directed to a Paypal Checkout however I don't have a Paypal Account ?

You do not need a Paypal Account. We use Paypal as the terminal merchant which means they provide the money transfer solution. You can use an existing Paypal account or you can use Paypal as a guest and use a Debit Card, Credit Card etc.

Do you accept Bank Transfer?


If you wish to use Online banking to pay for your purchase then contact us about your purchase and we can provide you with the details to make payment. As well as a receipt from your bank you will receive payment confirmation from LMH Engineering Services.

We find that the majority of our customers prefer this payment method as its very secure, quick and easy.

Can you send a Quote, Invoice before I commit to a Purchase?


We can send you a quote before you decide to order and we can even send you an invoice to pay should you not want to go through our Online catalogue.

Simply Contact us and let us know which products you are interested in and we will do the rest of the work for you. We will send you a Paypal invoice to your email address and you an then pay via the following methods:-

Finance, I want to purchase a PicoScope Kit but due to work loads i cant budget such a purchase, can you help?


LMH Engineering Services Ltd is able to provide finance to business's through ProLease Fiancial.

Contact us for a quotation and read our finance notes on our Whats New page.

You will be under no obligation upon requesting a quote to commit to any purchase.

Product Demonstrations

We will provide Product Demonstrations if you are interested in purchasing one of our products shown in our catalogue. Please use the contact form indicating which product you are interested in and we will arrange a time to come and deomonstrate the product with you.

Please note this is only available for Automotive Diagnostic Kits

Check out what our Customers say about LMH Engineering Services and why more people are joining us.

Alternatively we can send you example waveforms and files to view on your own PC in your own time for all of our products.

Should you have anymore Questions or Queries then please dont hesitate to get in contact with us.

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