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PicoScope USB PicoLog 1216 16-Channel Data Logger

Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of general-purpose voltage, sensor and transducer logging applications, the PicoLog 1000 Multichannel DAQ Series features independent software-configurable scaling and control outputs, an external terminal board for custom front-end circuitry and a choice of 10 or 12-bit input resolution.

16 Channel Voltage Data Logger

The Pico Technology PicoLog 1216 16-Channel Data Logger offers industry-leading performance and is an inexpensive answer to your voltage measuring needs.

  • Up to 16 input channels per data logger

  • Up to 4 output channels per data logger
  • Use up to 4 data loggers at the same time
  • Up to 1 MS/s sample rate
  • USB connected and powered
  • Data acquisition software and included

An expandable multi–channel data acquisition system

The powerful PicoLog 1216 has 16 input channels. Need more channels? No problem. Using PicoLog you can connect up to 4 Pico data loggers to one PC — giving you a potential 64 channel PicoLog 1000 Series data acquisition system, or the ability to use your PicoLog 1000 logger with other devices such as the:-

All the benefits of USB

The PicoLog connects to the USB port of a Windows based PC and enables the host PC to automatically detect the PicoLog — avoiding the need for any complex setup procedures.

The USB connection also allows the PicoLog to be powered directly by the USB bus — eliminating the need for an external power supply and making the PicoLog ideal for measuring temperatures both in the lab and in the field.

Fast and Accurate

With 12–bit resolution and multiple sampling modes, a PicoLog 1000 Series logger will meet your data logging needs. The PicoLog 1000 Series has 3 sampling modes: Streaming mode allows channel voltage readings to be logged continuously at up to 100 kS/s, while block mode captures up to the full 1 MS/s sample rate of the logger for a duration limited by the 8000 sample buffer, both these speeds applying to single–channel operation.

The PicoLog application provides an extra mode, real–time continuous sampling, which provides averaged, time–accurate readings with automatic measurements at up to 1 kS/s on any number of channels.

Control alarms and other devices

The PicoScope 1000 Series data loggers include digital outputs — including one with pulse–width modulation control. These outputs can be used to control alarms or other devices, additionally these can also be used to power sensors such as thermistors.

Simply, its all you need

Your PicoLog 1000 Series multi–channel data acquisition (DAQ) device includes all you need to start measuring and recording. A full suite of software is included in the price and consists of PicoLog data logging package, the PicoScope oscilloscope package — which provides measurement capabilities while allowing you to view all 16 channels at once — and an SDK for using the PicoLog 1000 within your own software, or third party software such as .

Additionally, an optional terminal board with screw terminals lets you easily and quickly connect your sensors to the logger. The board also has solder pads on which you can fit resistors to widen the measuring range for each input.

PicoLog Accessories

PP545 Terminal Board


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The external terminal board has screw terminals to allow sensor wires to be attached to the data logger without soldering. The terminal board also has locations where you can fit resistors to offset and extend the input ranges of the logger.

Easy to Use, Low Cost.

The PicoLog 1000 Series is what you need With great performance and versatility, up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs per unit, a low per–channel cost and easy to use features, the PicoLog 1000 Series is the multi–channel data acquisition device that you need.

PicoLog Software

Some of the features of PicoLog are listed here. To see for yourself just how good it is,

  • Collect up to 1 million samples.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Free upgrades and technical support.
  • Supports 32– and 64–bit editions of Windows XP (SP2 and above), Vista and Windows 7.
  • International language versions.
  • Easy to set up and use with online help.
  • Real–time data collection, analysis and display.
  • Programmable alarm limits can be set for each channel.
  • Data can be exported to spreadsheets and databases.
  • Save multiple setups for different tests and experiments.
  • Can be used with desktop or laptop PCs.
  • Supports multiple loggers on the same PC.
  • Uses your PC monitor to give large colour display, ideal for education and training.
  • Waveforms can be saved, printed, faxed or emailed from your PC.

64–bit support is only available for USB products.

Multiple views

PicoLog displays data in a number of views, which can be activated as and when required. These views can be activated both during and after data collection.

Recorder View

Enables you to start/stop recording and specify recording files. It shows the current readings and alarm conditions for each channel. All settings such as scaling, channels and sampling are controlled from the recorder view.

XY graph view

Displays one parameter against another. Useful for plotting voltage against current, for example.

Spreadsheet View

Displays text data in a format that can be easily ‘copied and pasted’ into other applications. Data can also be saved to disk in standard ASCII text format.

Graph View

Graphs can be displayed both during and after data collection. Each channel can be displayed in its own graph or multiple channels can be displayed in the same graph. Axes can be set up manually, automatically or in chart recorder mode. Multipliers allow you to magnify areas of interest. Graphs can be ‘copied’ into the clipboard and then ‘pasted’ into reports.

Notes View

Notes view allows you to attach notes to data.

Player View

Displays previously recorded data. It enables you to scroll quickly through stored files to compare results on successive runs. The player can be used to examine old data whilst new data is still being recorded.

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Pico Technology USB TC-08 Data Logger Specification

For the Full Technical Specification of this Product, you can click on the following link to be taken to the Pico Technology Website (Opens in a New Window)

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What are Pico Diagnostic Kits

The Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits work with your PC to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:

  • Ignition (primary and secondary)
  • Injectors and fuel pumps
  • Starter and charging circuits
  • Batteries, alternators and starter motors
  • Lambda, airflow, ABS and MAP sensors
  • Electronic throttle control
  • CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

PicoScope is like no other oscilloscope with features and benefits that make it the world's leading choice for vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket garages alike.

Need Support?

Have you recently just bought a Scope and need help setting it up or need to view the User Manual.

Thinking of purchasing a scope and would like to see Example Waveforms and Videos?

Check out our Support Page which will quickly take you to where you need to be or to view Technical Articles and Case Studies.

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PicoScope Future Proof!

The recently introduced two-channel PicoScope 4225 and four-channel PicoScope 4425 are our 5th generation of automotive PC oscilloscopes. They are 5x faster and have 8x more memory than the previous generation, ensuring they are powerful enough for the next generation of vehicles with new technologies such as CAN FD.

Other innovations include new floating inputs for non-grounded measurements, higher input ranges and ConnectDetect to ensure you have a good connection. The new PicoScopes are also now USB 3.0 connected and powered.

When you purchase any diagnostic tool you not only spend money but you also spend time learning how best to use it. We protect that investment in two ways. First, we develop hardware and software that is easy to use for those starting out with oscilloscopes yet has the power and features demanded by experienced users. Second, we do not compromise on quality or specifications - expect the PicoScope you buy today to still be an essential part of your diagnostic tool box 10 years from now. 

PicoScope Accessories

Calibration Certificate

Already own a USB TC-08, need to have your unit Calibrated.

LMH Engineering Services can arrange to have your unit Calibrated.

CC017 Calibration Certificate


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